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jerome 500

This large portrait (oil on board 120cm x 120cm) was exhibited at the October 2015 exhibition at the M1 Gallery in Greenwich. It is a very fine picture and unusual for Schwarz in that it uses deep blues and purples. On the reverse is the name "Jerome". The backdrop is clearly Greenwich and it was hoped that exhibiting it in Greenwich would bring forward information about the sitter.

The M1 Gallery mounted a social media campaign to gain more information and BBC "London Live" TV ran a feature on the subject, but to no avail. However, now Jerome has been found. He stumbled on the TV clip and contacted the gallery. BBC "London Live" has now run another feature interviewing him and Peter McAllister of M1 Gallery. This may be viewed on the gallery website or at

Jerome Senn became a close friend of Schwarz in the mid-1970s and remained so until Schwarz's death in 2003. Schwarz painted him in his studio, and added the background afterwards. The choice of palette may reflect the fact that, at the time, Jerome was going through a difficult relationship breakdown.