Monthly Archives: February 2018

The wonderful exhibition at the Museum of Somerset will be followed by an exhibition of works for sale by Hans Schwarz representing three decades of his middle years (1950—1980).

At The Lynda Cotton Gallery, 46-47 Swain Street, Watchet TA23 0AG

From 26 March until 7 April 2018

Work from these decades shows Schwarz’s development from his early days whilst working as a commercial artist with an urge to paint and sculpt, through a period of exploration and experimentation, to recognition as a mature and successful artist and portraitist. It includes the time that he first came to Somerset, when he turned his back on commercial art and focussed on painting, sculpting and writing. Earlier exhibitions have represented his later work and his portraits. This exhibition includes  works that have been shown only rarely before and give an intriguing insight into his development.